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27.04.2010 18:59

“We will be true to ourselves”

Vanessa Forns

Josep Guardiola assured the fans that his team will: “go out to win from the start. Our aim is to be true to ourselves – that’s the only way we will win this game”.

Guardiola was adamant that his players are focussed on producing their special style of football: “what is that? Playing football well, working hard, keeping hold of the ball moving it quickly and attacking as much as we can – that’s what we are about”, according to the boss.

“This is a privilege”

2010-04-27_ENTRENO_14.JPGGuardiola insisted: “We're very happy, it's a pleasure to be faced with this match and I want the players to know this is a privilege, an honour that we might not have again. I want them to enjoy it and I want the fans to see this as a huge party. I know how we have to deal with the game, even though we have a tough result to come back from”.

We want to play our best football”

The boss continued: “in the end this is just a game of football - the magic nights are only achieved after 90 minutes. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to be in a game like this and I can’t wait for it to get under way. We want to play as well as we can. We‘re not thinking about Inter, about their boss, about their great players. No, the most important thing is that we are true to our game and we want to play our best to defeat one of Europe’s best teams”.

Thanks to the fans

2010-04-27_ENTRENO_08.JPGWith the crowd set to give his team that extra push, Guardiola thanked them in advance: “we are thrilled that the fans are so excited. The fans will come and support us, to give a hand to 11 players who will be giving everything they can, they’ll not stop running and they’ll be moving that ball around as fast as they can. In the end, you just feel grateful to the fans, we have to thank them”.

Unforgettable generation

Finally, Guardiola insisted that whatever the result on Wednesday: “this is a generation of fantastic players. If things go well or badly, these players will never be forgotten. Nobody can take their status away”.
“We will be true to ourselves”

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Although Guardiola refused to be drawn on his starting 11, he did make one thing clear: “Messi will play. He’ll be there tomorrow”.

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