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25.04.2010 18:01

Facebook and YouTube pages support CL fight back

Jordi Clos

FC Barcelona’s official Facebook and You Tube sites are being flooded with messages of support for the team ahead of the match against Inter Milan.

The Club has launched special sites on Facebook and YouTube to gather support for a fighting comeback in the semi-finals of the Champions League, where Barca trail 1-3 after the first leg in Milan.

Thousands of supporters

FACEBOOKremuntada.jpgThe Facebook site has already attracted thousands of supporters while the video on You Tube , which evokes the memory of last season’s fight back against Chelsea, culminated by Iniesta’s goal in Stamford Bridge, is the second most popular video of the week.
Facebook and YouTube pages support CL fight back
Barca fans are also inundating Twitter with thousands of messages backing Barca to overcome the two-goal deficit against Inter.

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