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19.04.2010 14:25

Milan at last!


The players have finally arrived in Milan after a 1,000 kilometre trek by coach and an overnight stay in Cannes.

The two coaches left Barcelona early on Sunday afternoon and finally arrived in Milan at 2 pm on Monday. The players had been booked to fly as usual but the disruption to European air traffic caused by a cloud of volcanic dust caused the plans to be changed at the last moment.

From Cannes to Milan

2010-04-19_VIAJE_04.JPGThe coaches covered the 634 kilometres from Barcelona to Cannes on Sunday. They left again at 10 am today to drive the remaining 351 kilometres to Milan.

1,000 km

Not only the team has been affected by flight cancellations. The fans that have tickets for the match will also have to make the 1,000 kilometre journey by road or rail.

Brazilian fullback Dani Alves will give a press conference at 6.15 pm this evening. The players will then train in the Giuseppe Meazza at 7 pm. The first 15 minutes will be open to the press.

Milan at last!
Inter press conference

Inter manager José Mourinho and one of his players will give a press conference at 5 pm followed by the final training session at 6 pm in the Appiano Gentile sports centre.

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