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17.04.2010 23:10

Guardiola: “I’ve got a jewel of a team”

Vanessa Forns

For their spirit, for their fight and their attitude even when they have to play with ten men - for all that and more, Pep Guardiola reckons: “I’ve got a jewel of a team”.

“I’m proud of my team. The Barca fans are proud of them for the way they fight for everything. Nobody is giving us any gifts and we have to win everything ourselves. The team are mentally strong. We have to win everything and with the players we are capable of doing anything we have to”.

Valuable point

2010-04-17_PARTIDO_10.JPGGuardiola reckons the point the team took”is very valuable. Espanyol are a very good team and I value the point more because we were up against a tough rival with a great spirit. We took everything they could throw at us and still tried to play ourselves. This point could be very important in the future”.

“Tomorrow we’ll still be leaders whatever happens”

2010-04-17_PARTIDO_09.JPGGuardiola admitted that the team: “played better” when they were reduced to 10 men, explaining: “every player tried and fought hard till the final whistle. We did our job as well as we could and nobody went missing. We have to keep on working and remember; tomorrow we will still be leaders whatever happens”.
Guardiola: “I’ve got a jewel of a team”

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Laporta happy with the point
Joan Laporta reckoned the draw against Espanyol, particularly given the team were playing away and were down to 10 men for the last half hour, was: “a point worth its weight in gold which allows us to continue adding points. I’m very happy that we took a point away from this derby, especially with the players’ fight and sprit of sacrifice. We had the ball and made our chances, but Espanyol went all out for everything”.

Finally, the President hit back at comments made by Espanyol executive Joan Collet, who claimed relations between the two clubs would become normalised once Sr Laporta left the Barca presidency: “it’s such a childish thing to say, that I’d rather not comment. They’ve always behaved in a way which does not do justice to an institution like Espanyol. We’ve tried to sort things out and get closer to them, but really, everybody has to do what they think is right. If that’s the way they feel, that’s their business. We really don’t care”.

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