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15.04.2010 11:08

Barça recital in numbers

Roger Bogunyà

Barça’s magnificent display against Deportivo also shows in the following figures from the game.

- The chances each side had tell it all. Barça shot 21 times, Deportivo just five.

- If both teams had scored all their shots on target, the final score would have been 11-3.

2010-04-14_PARTIDO_31.JPG- The difference in passes was scandalous: FC Barcelona made 808 to Deportivo’s paltry 275.

- Bojan’s goal was his first against Deportivo. But he had scored against Aranzubía before, when he was the keeper at Athletic Bilbao.

- Pedro got his 19th goal of the season, but none had been from so far out. 7 of his 19 goals were scored between the 60th and 75th minutes.

- Touré scored his first goal of the season last night and his 4th goal for Barça in the league. His previous victims were Athletic Bilbao, Espanyol and Mallorca.

- The African was the most involved player last night, taking part in a total of 146 actions.

- Henry played his first minutes since the Arsenal v Barça (2-2) game on March 31.

- Once again, neither of the centre backs, this time Piqué and Márquez committed any fouls.
Barça recital in numbers
No Barça offsides
El FC Barcelona were not caught offside once against Deportivo. The Galicians, however, were offside three times, and each time Riki was the culprit.

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