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10.04.2010 23:59

Canaletes celebrates win again


Barca fans flooded onto the Rambla in Barcelona to celebrate the win against Madrid at the traditional Canaletes fountain.

Once again the fans began to fill the Canaletes as Mejuto Gonzalez blew the final whistle on another win over Barca’s eternal rivals.

Madrid win kicked off last year’s celebrations

The first time the fans celebrated at the Canaletes last season was also following the win over Madrid – the first of a series of celebrations to mark the team’s fantastic 2009. The celebrations also took place in a number of other cities in Catalonia, following the eruption of partying after many of last season’s successes.

Fireworks, songs and chants praising Messi and not so complementary about Cristiano Ronaldo were all to be heard in the good humoured revelry that will undoubtedly go on well into the night.

Canaletes celebrates win again
Basketball and football double
There’s a double reason for the fans to celebrate tonight with the basketball team also beating Madrid earlier this evening. Guardiola’s players can celebrate two wins over the old rival this year, whilst the basketball team boast a 7-1 record against Madrid this season.

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