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07.04.2010 14:03

Piqué: "We’ll do our talking on the pitch"

Roger Bogunyà

Gerard Piqué doesn’t want to talk about Saturday’s match against Real Madrid. The Catalan central defender, who launched his new book “A return trip” on Wednesday, told reporters: "We’ll do our talking on the pitch”.

2010-04-07_PIQUE_14.JPGPiqué missed out on the 4-1 defeat of Arsenal due to a match ban, as well as injury. He told a packed press conference at the Club’s training grounds on Wednesday: “You have a better time on the pitch. On the terraces you suffer more and enjoy yourself less because you can’t take part”. The book launch was followed a large number of reporters as well as the entire first team squad, family members and former youth coaches. No less than the launch of his first book deserved.

2-6 is “unrepeatable”

When asked about the match against Real Madrid, Gerard Piqué told reporters: “I prefer not to talk about it. There’s still a long time to go. We’ll do our talking on the pitch”. However, he did make reference to last season’s 2-6 blockbuster in the Bernabeu: “Last year’s game was amazing. I’ll never forget it. The memories and emotions are still very recent”. However, he insisted that the score line is “unrepeatable”.

There was also some good news about Piqué’s fitness ahead of the Real Madrid game. He revealed “I expect to be available”.

"Leo is the best in the world"

2010-04-07_PIQUE_09.JPGInevitably, there were a number of question about four-goal hero Leo Messi. According to Piqué: “Leo is the best player in the world”. The defender also knows Cristiano Ronaldo from their time together at Manchester United: “Cristiano is one of the best”. However, he emphasized that Leo is even better.

Diego Milito and Eto'o

2010-04-07_PIQUE_11.JPGPiqué also discussed the upcoming Champions League semi-final against Inter Milan and two of his former team-mates, Diego Milito and Samuel Eto'o: “I’ve had the pleasure of playing alongside both of them; one in Zaragoza and one in Barca. They’re wonderful people and great players. It’ll be difficult to stop them doing their job, that is to score goals. The sentimental side of it doesn’t count because we’ve already played against them”.

Finally, Gerard Piqué summed up his feelings by saying “I think we’ll have a great season”.
Piqué: “We’ll do our talking on the pitch“

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"It’s not an autobiography"
Gerard Piqué explained that his book is not an autobiography. Some 40,000 copies will be produced in Spanish and Catalan and a part of the proceeds will go to charity.

“It all began as a game. At the beginning it was just silly things but I showed it to my parents and they liked it”. He also explained why he had asked Gaby Milito and Carles Puyol to write the prologue: "Gaby was like a teacher to me in Zaragoza and Puyol is the same in Barca. They play in the same position as me”.

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