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06.04.2010 23:57

Xavi: "We have the best player in the world"


Every player in the Barca squad is full of praise for Leo Messi and insists that it is a pleasure to play alongside him.

Xavi assured reporters that players like Messi only come along ”every 30 years” and that it is “fantastic” to have him in the team. He emphasised that players like Messi win matches and that it was essential to look after him and make sure he’s happy.

Pedro thanked Messi for another victory and said that it is “a pleasure and a privilege” to have him in the team. Alves told reporters that it is a “pleasure” to watch Messi play and that he long ago ran out of words to describe him.

According to Márquez, Messi is simply "the best player in the world" while Valdés described last night’s performance as “amazing”: “Leo was perfect tonight. Four spectacular goals in a match like that. I’m speechless”.

Here is a selection of the players’ post match comments:


"Teamwork makes the difference because we help each other and that’s a privilege”.

"Everyone helps out in defence and if the eleven players work hard, with the talent we have it’s difficult to lose a match. Also, we have the best player in the world”.

The atmosphere surrounding the Champions League motivates the fans even more. The fans were fantastic, really behind us, and that helps the team a lot. The fact that the final is in Madrid is an added incentive”.

"Reaching the semi-finals and going to the Bernabeu to compete is really important for us. We’re alive in the two competitions and that’s the main objective”.

"We didn’t play as well as in the first leg but we played some good football, dominated and created chances”.


2010-04-06_PARTIDO_30.JPG"We have a difficult semi-final. Inter is very strong and it’ll be tough for us”.

"Real Madrid will be a difficult match but right now we have to enjoy this victory”.

"Eto'o is a very good and dangerous player. Let’s hope it’s not his day”.

"It was an important match and boosts our confidence ahead of our remaining matches”.


"As always, Barca rose to the big occasion"

"We enjoyed a great day of football"

"It’ll be a difficult tie. It’s important to score there but our objective is getting closer and closer”.

"It was a really tough match. Now we must enjoy the Champions League semi-finals again. We’ll have time later to talk about Real Madrid”.

"We’re on the right track. It’s marvellous what we’re doing and we have to make it last as long as possible. Later on there’ll be time to think about Real Madrid”.


"It was hard but we’re happy to go through and it’s time to savour the moment”.

"I felt great. I trained a lot this week and looked forward to my chance”.

"Messi’s the best in the world”.

"Today’s victory gives us confidence and motivates us for Saturday’s match because it means that things are breaking well for us”.


2010-04-06_FCB_-_ARSENAL_019.jpg"We’re happy about the way the last few matches have gone and with our performance. A great night for Barca”.

"Arsenal is a team that you always have to bear in mind. They kept their shape and style in a highly competitive match despite the fact that we dominated”.

We always try and play the ball and every player forms part of the system. Also we have a real star. We’re delighted”.

"The fans always live up to expectations. The atmosphere makes it much better”.

"As always we’ll be going to Madrid to win. Reaching the semi-finals is a positive factor but we’ll approach the match in the usual way”.
Xavi: “We have the best player in the world“
Wednesday training
Iniesta and Abidal passed a drugs test after the match. The players will train behind closed doors ay 11.30 am on Wednesday. After the session, Gerard Piqué will speak to reporters.

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