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05.04.2010 20:11

Wenger feels it is down to themselves

Roger Bogunyà

Arséne Wenger has underlined that it is what his own players can do that will matter on Tuesday, not Barça’s. “I believe it is more important we focus on our side and how well we want to play”, he said.

The Frenchman feels it will all come down to possession. “They have players that can hold the ball, especially Xavi. The battle will be in midfield” he said, and is sure that Arsenal have what it takes in that department, as happened towards the end of the first leg in London, when they scored two late goals to make it 2-2.

Need to score

Arsenal need to score at least once if they want to qualify, and Wenger pointed out with a smile that “in the last few games we have always scored at the end. Personally, I’d prefer to score earlier.” Against Wolves in the League, Arsenal won thanks to a 95th minute Bendtner goal.

Excitement on the way

2010-04-05_ENTRENO_50.JPGWenger said “I think the first game was exciting, but I think this one will be even more.” And also feels he has the recipe for qualification. “We have learned that it is important we start with full power, without any inhibition, which we showed in the first 20 minutes at the Emirates … We have won away everywhere in Europe. Barcelona is a place where we have not done it, so there is no better opportunity than Tuesday night. This team can make history.”

Song and Henry

Arsenal now have Alex Song out through injury in addition to Arshevin, Gallas and Cesc. But their manager said "I'm confident despite the injuries we have that we can do it. Of course, we will need to get everybody to 100% of his potential and have a great team performance. This team, though, has such a great mental strength and I believe they can fight against the odds anywhere in the world."

He was also asked about his countryman and former charge Thierry Henry. “I think Henry is ending his career at a club with superstars. He is a very strong player and plays at a high level. For him not to be picked for some time is no humiliation. It’s part of life. I was proud of the way the fans welcomed Henry.”
Wenger feels it is down to themselves

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Walcott’s 100
One of the highlights came when Theo Walcott addressed the media in the company of his coach. The Englishman said his team was ready to give it 100% and that he was excited about playing at the Camp Nou. He who opened the Arsenal scoring last week changed the game when he came on, upping the pace considerably. Josep Guardiola had said in his press conference that he reckoned Walcott could run the 100 metres in not much more than 10 seconds. “I can do 10.3 or 10.5” confirmed the footballer. “Seven years ago I did it in 11.5”

“I can do it in 70”, laughed Wenger.

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