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14.12.2008 10:57

Madrid at a record distance

Roger Bogunyà

There are 500 kilometres between Barcelona and Madrid, but there is an even wider gap between the two in the league. After 15 games, 12 points separate the two, the biggest difference ever between the two at this stage of the competition.

To be 12 points ahead of the defending champions, Real Madrid is quite a remarkable feat. But to be that far in the lead after just 15 games is quite simply incredible.

Just once before

It should therefore come as little surprise to learn that this is hardly a common situation. The only time Barça got off to such a great start was in the 2004/05 season under Frank Rijkaard, when they were also 12 points ahead after the first 15 games. In fact, they had exactly the same number of points, 38 for Barça and 26 for Madrid as they do this time round.

Pichichi and Zamora

QM3D1507.jpgThe game with Madrid also pushed Barça players into the driving seat in the search for individual accolades. The top goalscorer in the Liga, Eto’o, added another goal to his account and now has 15. Meanwhile, Valdés kept another clean sheet, and that means he is now even further ahead in his push to claim the Zamora trophy.
Madrid at a record distance
Biggest differences
The following are the biggest differences between Barça and Madrid after the first 15 matches.

2008/09: 12 points
2004/05: 12 points
1929/30: 8 points
1995/96: 7 points
1990/91: 7 points
1999/00: 6 points
2005/06: 6 points

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