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29.11.2008 23:57

Guardiola: "We’ve taken another major step forward"

Anna Segura

Barça coach Guardiola is aware that the win in Seville is a major step forward in the League but says that the team has still not won anything. He was happy with the way the team played, especially in the second half when they had more of the ball.

Before the match Guardiola said that he wanted to see “an ambitious team” out on the pitch at Sánchez Pizjuán, and that is precisely what his players gave him. “In the time leading up to the game the players were really focussed,” he said. “I saw things I’ve never seen before. I guess they must have realised how important the game is."

Three massive points

"The players are very happy with the result,” said Guardiola about his team. “We’ve taken another major step forward in getting the three points against a great team and great fans." And although he admitted that nothing can be won in November, he did recognise that the team had made significant progress.

Controlling the ball the key

Josep Guardiola says that during the first half “we didn’t have the ball so we were a bit disorganised”. By contrast, after the break Barça were able to win the game because “we got hold of the ball and we dominated the match”.

Game of two halves

Barça played in two different ways in the two halves of the game, according to Guardiola. “In the first half we moved too much, we made too many useless passes,” he argued. “After half-time we were a bit more patient and played a lot better."

Call to the fans

After this first match against other top of the table rivals, there now come two home games in a row against Valencia and Real Madrid. Josep Guardiola thinks the Barça fans have an important role to play here. "I’d like them to come along to Camp Nou in our next games and help us to take another step,” he said. “We can’t become champions on our own.”
Guardiola: “We’ve taken another major step forward“
Laporta: "The win is more important given the quality of our opponents"
Club chairman Joan Laporta says that "the win is more important given the quality of our opponents ". Nonetheless, Laporta did not hide the fact that "in spite of the result we’ve also had a hard time as they had some good chances".
Joan Laporta says that "we need to get a gap of six points with the team in second place”. The Barça chairman dedicated the win to Txiki’s brother, who “is going through a tough time but I’m sure he’ll pull through”.
As for renewing Xavi’s contract, Laporta said that "when Txiki comes back we’ll fix up the final details and get the contract renewed. Xavi’s an academy player who’s been here all his life and we’ll do whatever it takes. We’ll announce the deal shortly".

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