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21.11.2008 13:57

Puyol: “We have to stay alert”

Marc Guillén

FC Barcelona captain Carles Puyol sees no reason for euphoria and wants the team to stay cautious against Getafe and just make sure they maintain their excellent wining streak.

Barça’s next opponents, Getafe, have created all kinds of problems in recent encounters, so the captain knows this is no time to relax. “We have struggled to beat this team recently and so we have to stay alert” he said. “It will be a hard game and we’ll have to look out”.

No relaxing

Carles Puyol knows Barça cannot claim to be the best team in the championship “until we have won the title” and knows that his side will have to work just as hard as they have done until now if they want to keep winning games. “We have to carry on giving it everything we have on the pitch because if we start thinking we’re the best, we’ll start losing”.

QM3D9406.jpgRelaxation is a word that doesn’t enter into Puyol’s vocabulary. “When you’re winning, you start relaxing and that would be a mistake. We have to play and work at the same rate and above all, not get cocky”, he said, before adding that he feels fully fit and ready for the game.

Nice kick off time

The Barça defender has been with the club for a decade, so he understands the fans better than anyone. So, he fully respects all the opinions he hears, and also knows that the more support the team gets, the stronger they are.

“Of course it’s nice to have a full stadium and everybody supporting the team, that makes us stronger. On Sunday we are playing at seven in the evening and that’s a nice time. Let’s see if it means more people will come” he said.
Puyol: “We have to stay alert”

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Studying the opponents
Carles Puyol is famous for his intensely physical game, but he says he also likes to study the forwards he is going to be facing. “I always try to” he explained. “I like to know who we are going to be playing and which players I will be marking or not. The coaching staff supply us with that kind of information.” He also says he makes a note of the wingers, because he is never sure whether Guardiola I going to play him at centre or full back.

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