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20.11.2008 20:32

“Sooner or later I will have my chance”

Marc Guillén

Bojan Krkic is confident that he will become a success with FC Barcelona and recognised that it is still very early days for him.

Keeping his feet on the floor as usual, the Blaugrana youngster told a press conference on Thursday that he has “only just begun” in the game and that he is not concerned about playing “less minutes than last season because I know my chance will come sooner or later”.

“I have not gone backwards”

In his first campaign, Krkic admits that he was given so many minutes as he was just 17 at the time. It was very “unexpected” and for the reason he does not believe that playing less so far this term should considered something “bad”.

QM3D9146.jpg“I have only just begun in the world of football and I do not believe that I have taken any steps back,” he said. “I have to be calm and I am conscious that I am with one of the best clubs in the world. I really want to prove myself when I am given some time.”

Bojan then started that his “progression is on the right track” because he has been called into the squad for nearly every game and has been given some chances.

Pleased for Busquets

The atmosphere within the Barça dressing room was another subject that Boajn relflected upon: “The arrival of players such as Gerard Piqué has helped me to integrate more into the team. We have a squad full of great players.”
Every youth team product that earns a call up to the first team squad, like Sergio Busquets, also pleased Bojan. “I am very happy with Busi’s rise,” he explained. “He is a player that has done very and I am always pleased when boys from the youth teams are promoted.”
“Sooner or later I will have my chance”

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Better at home
Bojan Krkic has explained that he preferes to prepare for games at home, as has become the norm lately, rather than in hotels. “It is better to be at home, but wherever you are you still spend hours thinking about the game, whether that be in your house or in a hotel,” he added.

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