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17.11.2008 12:56

Best ever League start

Jordi Clos

With nine wins, a draw and a defeat in eleven games, Guardiola’s Barça have made the best ever start to the League having beaten the record set by Sir Bobby Robson’s side in the 1996/97 season.

There’s still a long way to go, but Barça 2008/09 have already earned themselves a place in the history books with a record-breaking start to their League campaign after winning at Nuevo Colombino. With nine wins, a draw and a defeat they have beaten the record set by Sir Bobby Robson’s side in the 1996/97 season, which until 16 November 2008 had made the best ever start in the history of the club with eight wins and three draws.

Rijkaard, Cruyff and Herrera

Other great starts include the one in the 1963/64 season, when Barça began with nine wins and two defeats under the legendary César Rodríguez. However, the side then lost momentum and were unable to hold onto top spot.

web_06.jpgAlmost as good were the starts made by Frank Rijkaard (2004/05), Johan Cruyff (1990/91) and Helenio Herrera (1958/59). Their teams began with eight wins, two draws and a defeat. In all three seasons Barça ended up as League champions.

Less fortunate were the sides managed by Franz Platko (1955/56) and James Bellamy (1929/30), who despite making two of the best starts in history – eight wins, a draw and two defeats – in the end were unable walk off with the League title.

Record for wins on the trot still some way off

19-11-05_Ronaldinho_2x_gol_02.jpgNine wins in a row is another fine achievement by the Barça of 2008/09. However, this is still five behind the record for most wins on the bounce set by Rijkaard’s team in the 2005/06 season at fourteen.
Best ever League start
The best starts
2008/09 9 1 1
1996/97 8 3 0
1963/64 9 0 2
2004/05 8 2 1
1990/91 8 2 1
1958/59 8 2 1
1955/56 8 1 2
1929/30 8 1 2

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