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12.11.2008 23:52

Pinto: “There’s a good understanding among the squad”


Barça’s keeper in the cup match, José Manuel Pinto, has commented on the great defensive display by the team and the importance of not conceding any goals. The Andalusian kept a clean sheet in both games.

He also likes the way all of the players are being given their chance. “We all know that the team needs all of the players, we are working very hard and the work we’re doing will bring results” he said.

The following are some of the comments made by the players after the match:

Bojan Krkic

“The important thing is that we made it through the round. I am very satisfied on a personal and group level.”

“Although they’re a Division 2B side, Benidorm have some very good players, and they showed that, they played well both here and there, and the boss had told us that we were going to have to be careful.”

“These knockout games are difficult, it’s not easy and we need to be happy we made it through.”

“When you play and don’t score it leaves a bit of a bad taste in your mouth, but I’m just happy to have made a contribution with my football.”

Lionel Messi

QM3D4296.jpg“We found it hard to get into our rhythm in the first half and we couldn’t find space. We knew it would be difficult because beating these teams is harder than it looks.”

“I didn’t look at the keeper when I took the penalty. In fact, things didn’t work for me today like they usually do, but the most important thing is to have won.”


“It was a hard game, we knew it would be and that these kinds of games are always complicated”.

“We went out to do our best, trying to make sure of the game by not letting any goals in, and by doing that we had it all under control.”

“They are a good team, they try to play football. We were a bit out of the game in the first half and if you are not completely into a game, you are making things complicated for yourself. That’s the cup.”

Sergio Busquets

“They played well in the first half, closing spaces and well placed on the pitch, but they lost it a bit in the second half and it was just a matter of time.”

“The fans always help, but we have to concentrate on our game and try to win all our matches.”

“When you play away (speaking about Recreativo) games are always complicated. We’ll see how they approach the game, but I repeat that we just have to concentrate on our game and try to win.”


“It was a difficult game, they played well, they closed down spaces, but we were more intense in the second half and managed to get the win.”

“Division 2B is a tough league, there are some good teams, and Benidorm have proved that over both legs. The important thing is that we won.”

“I have recovered from my injury. I am having no problems and little by little I’m getting into the rhythm of things to contribute what I have to.”
Pinto: “There’s a good understanding among the squad”
Training on Thursday
The team will start getting ready for Sunday’s game against Recreativo on Thursday with a training session at 11.30, after which Cáceres will give a press conference.

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