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10.11.2008 20:18

Gudjohnsen: “I feel more important in the team”

Berta Brau

Eidur Gudjohnsen is pleased to be back and playing a central role in the squad, saying “I am enjoying the minutes I’m getting” and adding that the team has to carry on the way it is going and not worry about what other teams do.

The Icelandic midfielder told his press conference that he is “enjoying all the minutes” he gets, something he showed in the last game against Valladolid. Gudjohnsen added that he is pleased with the way he is able to help the team. “When you get continuity everything improves. I feel more important in the team, I have the manager’s confidence and I think I’m responding well”.

In his natural position

Eidur Gudjohnsen is certainly coming into his own of late. His league form reflects that. He has already scored as many goals, three, as he scored all last season. That is partly because Guardiola is playing him “in my most natural position … midfielders are nearer to the opposition’s goal and that is why we get more chances to score”.

“We have to carry on the same”

101108-Guddy-entreno.jpgHe is also delighted with the way things are going for the team in general, although “there is still a lot of work to do and lots of games”. Nevertheless he also feels that “we have to carry on the same, working and thinking that the most important thing is to win games”. Gudjohnsen also feels it is fundamental to only worry about themselves, for “if we can keep up this run, there is no reason to think about the other teams”. And this is no time to start making analyses, because “the record books are written at the end of the season”

Up for the cup

On Wednesday FC Barcelona have their Copa del Rey return match with Benidorm, a game not to be taken lightly. “We have to concentrate on this game. It is an important one that we can’t afford to lose”.

Praise for Eto'o and Valdés

He also had words to say about Samuel Eto'o and Victor Valdés, two players that achieved big things against Valladolid. On the Cameroonian he said “he is a person and player that lives for goals and when he scores he is so happy”. As for Victor Valdés, Gudjohnsen reckons he is “one of the four best keepers in the world, along with Casillas, Cech and Reina. He is a very complete goalkeeper, and person too. We are very good friends and he has always helped me”.
Gudjohnsen: “I feel more important in the team”

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Similarities between Guardiola and Mourinho
Gudjohnsen knows Jose Mourinho very well after his time under the Portuguese manager at Chelsea, and is getting to know Pep Guardiola just as well. The Icelander feels the two managers are similar in terms of “their training methods, capacity to change details about the squad and the confidence they convey to their players … a team is reflected by its coach”.

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