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06.11.2008 15:01

Sylvinho pleased to take part

Berta Brau

The Barça full back has said that getting the chance to play “is what raises players’ confidence and improves their rhythm on all level”. Sylvinho also said the team is doing all they can “to get the fans hooked again”.

Sylvinho was the player that spoke to the press on Thursday morning, and although he doesn’t feel ready to give his answers in Catalan quite yet, he did at least try a few words, and expressed his satisfaction at getting the chance to play. “I am very happy to be playing games” he said. I am working every day to do my bit to help and I think I am ready to play any kind of game”.

Playing brings confidence

He went on to say that “playing games and getting minutes is what gives you confidence”. The Brazilian has been getting some chances, which means “improving your playing rhythm, fitness, it’s good on every level”. But Sylvinho preferred not to say whether he deserves more or less time on pitch, stating “that is a problem for the boss, who always seeks the best for the club and for the players.” In whatever case, the full back intends to keep on working.

The supporters

Sylvinho has noticed that seems to have been a drop in numbers coming to the Camp Nou. He puts that down to a number of factors, but basically “we have to play nice football to get the people hooked again”.

“We have to go for all three points”

061108_entrenament.jpg“Valladolid will want to make life hard for us”, said Sylvinho, who explained that Guardiola has told them all about a side that is “brave and comes out to create pressure … we will have to work hard and come out of it with three points while showing all the respect we can for the opposition”.

“Every game is difficult”

According to the Brazilian, the draw with Basel (1-1) was a clear example of how “all games are difficult and we have to fight hard … We have to be aware that if we don’t score, the opposition are always there to play their game and so we always have to go for all three points at all times”.

Going for every point on offer

December is going to be “an important month, especially seeing as there are so many points at stake”. So Sylvinho reckons “we have to think about the points we can get before then and play our own game” before adding that the team “is confident and ready to get as many points as we can”.
Sylvinho pleased to take part
Iniesta’s injury
“The injury to Iniesta has affected us all a lot” he said. “Andrés is very special because he is a player nobody can say anything wrong about, whether that’s about the talent he has, what he contributes on the pitch or the weight he carries as a member of the squad”. Sylvinho said they will certainly miss him in midfield, but “we have to move on and we have a good enough squad to deal with the games”.

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