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20.09.2008 14:31

“No pressure but we need to win soon”

Berta Brau

Satisfied with how his team is playing, Pep Guardiola has assured everyone that there is no nervous tension about winning despite the fact that “a win is the most important thing and it’s essential to keep that in mind”.

Pep Guardiola was speaking at a press conference following his team’s final training session before leaving Barcelona for Asturias. The azulgrana manager admitted that “despite there being some aspects in which we need to be more convincing, like, for example, pressure in attack”, we need to “continue with the style of play” played so far.

No pressure

20-09-08-guardiolaRP_x2x.jpgThe azulgrana manager said that “the team doesn’t feel under pressure or nervous” but he recognises that “despite playing well, it’s logical that the team need to start winning soon”. According to Guardiola, and despite the formation and tactics for the upcoming game being generally “the same” as in previous games, “a win is the most important thing we need to keep in mind”.

Return to El Molinon

Barça face newly promoted Sporting Gijon on Sunday and can expect a very different game from the one played in Soria against Numancia: “It will be totally different. Sporting is a more open, dynamic team which creates more danger in attack and so opens things up more for their opponents”.

Goals scored and conceded

QM3D4750.jpgA lack of goals by the team is not something which worries Guardiola and he is convinced that they will come: “It’s a question of mentality. The players we have are more than capable of scoring, and I don’t think it’s something which should only be analyzed with certain players in mind.” On the other hand are goals conceded. Barça have conceded a goal in each of their last four games. This, however, doesn’t worry Guardiola as “our opponents don’t get forward too often and don’t create too much danger”. Nevertheless, he recognises that “we must stop them scoring when they do create these chances”.

Bojan’s involvement

The Barça manager explained that there shouldn’t be any debates or discussions surrounding the number of minutes played by Bojan Krkic and he assured everyone that he was dealing with “an excellent player who can help the team a lot”. On this topic Guardiola did say that “every player wants to play in every minute of every game but only eleven can play”.
“No pressure but we need to win soon”
Iniesta always close to the opposition box
Asked about the position Andres Iniesta should play, given the diversity of the player’s game, Guardiola said that “he can play on either side but, whenever possible, he should be as close to the opposition box as possible”. He went on to say that “Iniesta is a player who can turn a game around and he is very good in one-on-ones and these are qualities which you can’t make the most of by playing him away from the opposition goal”.

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