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16.09.2008 23:28

Xavi: “The team needed this win”

Anna Segura

One of Barça’s three goalscorers, Xavi Hernández, said after the game that the win was highly positive for the team because “we played good football”. He felt it was important that the team created so many goalscoring chances.

The Barça players felt the win against Sporting Lisbon was just what they needed to boost their confidence ahead of the next few matches.

Xavi Hernández:

“Sporting was a team that left us a lot more space than Racing did and we took advantage of that”.

“The important thing was to create attacking chances. The team is doing fine and is attacking from both wings”.

“The team deserved the win because we are playing good football”.

“We needed a win. The team feels comfortable, is creating chances and we just need to improve our percentage in front of goal”.

Samuel Eto'o:

QM3D3612.jpg“The best thing of all was the win. I scored a penalty and that helped with the score but the most important thing was to win”.

“We have played pretty well in our last three games but what we were missing was a win”.

“The important thing is to improve our confidence and start moving up”.

“The outstanding issue was to win, and to win you have to score goals”.

“I feel the same as I did when I was 18. I’m quite okay and the fear and injuries are behind me. But you need a bit of luck to score from the chances we get”.

Dani Alves:

“I am feeling more at ease with every game and the team is getting better. In the end we got the win that everybody was waiting for. We hope this will be the start of a very nice season”.

“We got a very important win, especially because we played so well”.

“I am continually feeling more comfortable because we are starting to learn how our team mates play”.

“This is the way ahead because we are working hard”.

Thierry Henry:

QM3D3638.jpg“We played a great team game, putting on plenty of pressure up front”.

“When you score and play like that it’s because you have taken advantage of the terraces and the ground”

“It was an important win and we have continue with this in Gijón”.

“When you win like that you feel more confident”.

“The people have enjoyed watching us do our job”.
Xavi: “The team needed this win”
Valdés and Pedro in doping control
After the game with Sporting Lisbon, Víctor Valdés and Pedro were the players chosen to take the routine UEFA drug test.

Meanwhile, the first team will return to training on Wednesday morning at 11.00.

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