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15.09.2008 18:00

Guardiola: “We have to get back to winning ways”

Roger Bogunyà

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola says that the team needs to get back to winning ways and thinks that this Tuesday’s tie with Sporting Clube “is a good time” to do it.

However, Guardiola was quick to stress that they only need to change the way the results have been going, since the way the side is playing will stay the same as against Racing. “We know that at the end of the day you’re judged on results,” he said. “But I’m happy with the Racing game because even though we didn’t win, we played well.”

He also said that neither his ideas nor his way of playing football would be changed by the last two League results even though Barça had won neither game.

Must start winning

Guardiola admits that starting the Champions League after having picked up only one out of a possible six points in the League puts added pressure on the team. “Yes, it does make you a bit uncomfortable and the players know that at this club you have to win every game,” he said. “That’s why starting with a home win is crucial.”

Predicts good game

150908guardiola_x2x.jpgDespite this need to win, Guardiola thinks Tuesday’s game should be a good one. “I reckon it’ll be a fine match because I’ve seen how we play and how they play,” he said. “I know how to approach the game and how to get at their defence and counter their strengths. We’ve got to go for it and win the game.”

Threats from Sporting

The Barça manager also talked about the threats posed by the Portuguese side. “They look good especially in midfield and up front,” he pointed out. “They are quick on the break and have some superb players such as Moutinho, Veloso and Rochemback, who used to play for Barça.”
Guardiola: “We have to get back to winning ways”
Reserves just like the rest
Josep Guardiola said that the reserve players called up for the Racing de Santander game had played well. “When I say I have a good squad I mean I have players like Busquets and Pedro,” he said. “They may have less experience, but as far as I’m concerned they are just like the others and receive the same treatment.”
“I don’t play reserves just to play them,” he added. “I play them because I think they’re good. Barça has been producing more excellent academy players than any other club in Europe for years. I know what they can do, and they’ll play well or not so well, but I play the ones I think will do best.”

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