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05.09.2008 13:38

“We all win and we all lose”

David Puig

The whole team is responsible for both winning and losing, and Sylvinho does not think the finger of blame should be pointed anywhere in particular following the defeat in Soria. The full back remains optimistic about the team’s chances of doing well

In a press conference following training on Friday, Sylvinho skipped around the criticism of the team for first day defeat to Numancia, saying that both the attack and the defence should be subjected to scrutiny after losing a match. “Neither is the lack of a goal only the fault of the forwards nor a goal conceded just the fault of the defence” he said “Barça is a team, and we all win and we all lose. I think the team is highly dedicated to its task and keen to do things well”.

“Temps al temps”

QM3D0369.jpgSylvinho reminded listeners of the strength in depth in Spain, and the way that even teams like Numancia can beat anybody on their day. “I have played in the Premier League and have been in the Spanish League for many years and played all around Europe and I can say the Spanish League is technically of a very high level. If you let down your guard, anybody can score against you. But I am convinced we’ll come out on top, all in good time”.

No conclusions from one game

Sylvinho knows that one game does not determine a season. He said “the team has changed but you can’t say things are no good after just one game, that we got the preseason wrong or that the new signings aren’t contributing anything. It is far too early to draw conclusions but I know it is hard to gain credit in the football world. We have a very strong squad and we can do many things. Barça will be title candidates alongside Real Madrid, Sevilla, Atlético Madrid and Valencia”.

A team player

QM3D0350.jpgSince he signed for Barça in 2004-05, Sylvinho has proven not just to be a fine player but also to be a fine person to have in the squad, and has always shown his concern for new members of the team or players going through difficult times. The Brazilian says this role is something that comes naturally to him, stating that “we spend more time with the squad than we do with our families and people need to set an example, helping those with the most problems and welcoming the newcomers. It comes naturally to me, but there are plenty of other players that help a lot among the squad.”

“We all win and we all lose”

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Alves on national duty
Sylvinho was asked about the exclusion of Dani Alves from the Brazil national team. He replied that “he is an amazing player, who covers ground, has a strong shot and is strong in defence. Dunga does have some strong players for that position but I am sure, and I have spoken to him about it, that he will have a great season and will soon be back in the national team”.

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