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31.08.2008 12:27

Tito Vilanova: "We have to control the rhythm of the game"


Tito Vilanova believes that FC Barcelonsa must be the team to set the rhythm of the game against Numancia in Los Parajitos if they want to start the new season under Pep Guardiola with a victory on Sunday.

The Blaugrana assistant coach told Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat that he felt that if the visitors ensured the game was played at their pace then they would be successful. "We have to control the rhythm of the game," he explained. "We have to make sure that we do that throughout the game. We will have a better chance of winning if we can do that.”

Great experience

"We will have to be focussed and concentrate at all times because they are tactically very strong," Vilanova continued, looking at Numancia's style. "If the game is goalless then a slower rhythm will also suit them better. Sergio Kresic has a lot of experience and he will have worked on a lot of tactical ideas before the game."

Opening game

Continuing with his analysis of Barça's opponents, Vilanova added: "There players may not be well known and they have few overseas players too, but they managed to win the second division last season with some ease. This is their first game back in the top flight and these type of matches are always difficult for us."

Training session

Under Guardiola, Barça's squad have a light training session on the morning of the game and this weekend has been no exception. "These sessions are good because they mean that the players do not spend all day in the hotel," Vilanova said. "If they do that then they tend to go into the game feeling lethargic. Besides, it is good to run about after spending six hours on the coach. The players enjoy the ball games too. Often we use these sessions to deal our tactics, but this time we are not."
Tito Vilanova:  “We have to control the rhythm of the game“
Supporters’ club dinner
The FC Barcelona squad attended a meeting of the Blaugrana supporters' club in Numancia on Saturday evening at and event that saw club directors Alfons Godall and Xavier Bagués go earlier and have dinner with the fans.
On Sunday, the two club's directors will all dine together before settling down to watch the game. Joan Laporta is in Numancia along with Albert Perrín, Rafael Yuste, Jordi Torrent, Patrick Auset and Josep Anton Colomer.

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