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12.08.2008 20:05

Alves ready for debut

Anna Segura

Dani Alves makes his official debut for Barça in front of the Camp Nou crowd on Wednesday night. The right back has said “the team is working hard to get through the round”.

On Wednesday at 21:45 one of the new signings, Dani Alves, will enjoy a unique experience as a footballer. If picked, he will make his first start for FC Barcelona in an official match, and the man himself regards this as a “very special” occasion, and says he hopes “to be able to do a good job and get a great win”.

Getting on track

Dani Alves knows “it is impossible to finish off the tie here” as there are two legs to play, but a good result on Wednesday is important. “We have the chance to take a major step forward” he said. “We have to get the game on the right track because you never know what might happen over there”.

Unknown rival

qm3d8829.jpgAlves, knowing they up against an unknown quantity, said “we have to impose our way of playing the game. We can only afford to win, whatever happens … In this game the only danger is of us not doing our job well. Whoever we play, they have to know that they are going to have to sweat blood if they want to beat Barcelona”.

Hundred per cent

Alves doesn’t feel they are under-prepared for a game of such proportions. “We want to compete and we like to compete, and our objective is to deal with games like these” he said. But aren’t Wisla more into the rhythm of their season? “I’m, phenomenally fit” said Alves. “I’m on top form and the work we have done up to now has been spectacular. I think the team is at the same level … the team is ready to compete not only with Wisla, but with any opponent”.

Defensive balance

Asked if the defence needs improving, Alves reckons “we are doing a good job in all departments. We have done pretty well in the warm up matches … We are trying to attack and defend as a team. If we can strike the right balance we’ll be very hard to beat”.
Alves ready for debut

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Freedom of movement
Dani Alves says he is playing in much the same way as he did at Sevilla. “I have the same freedom I had there” he commented. “It would be a mistake to change things”. He also feels one of the team’s strong points is that “when some players move up, others come back. That’s what makes a team”.

But Alves has no special plans for goal celebrations. “These things come to me naturally and the joy you get when you score always suggests some kind of celebration” he explained.

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