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10.08.2008 13:45

Pinto: “The defence will be strong”

Marc Guillén

José Manuel Pinto has admitted that there are still “some details to polish up” but has assured that the defence will be a strongpoint for the team.

Barça’s goalkeeper explained that the pre-season had been positive and he’s not worried about one off errors that have meant conceding goals.

100808entrenament_x9x.jpg“The pre-season helps you adapt to a new system and get used to it. I see a strong, secure defensive line. It only needs to be polished up a little like all the lines of play. That’s what pre-seasons are for”, said Pinto.

The new players have adapted quickly

The player from Cádiz is very chatty and jokes a lot, he assures that there is a good atmosphere in the dressing room: “When I arrived last year I found myself with a fantastic group. This year we also have a great group. What I have noticed is that the new signings have adapted really quickly. It seems as though they’ve been with us for ages. This is good as in football you need team work and the more we are the better”.
Pinto: “The defence will be strong”

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Order in goals
It is not yet known who will start out in goals in the first official game, but that doesn’t worry Pinto. “I’m only worried about being at my best and make it difficult for Guardiola to choose. It’s a management decision. The most important is the group, because the team is always above the players” declared the man from Cádiz.

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