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07.08.2008 04:02

Satisfactory outcome

David Saura (special correspondent)

After an impressive victory against the New York Red Bulls, Thierry Henry and Dani Alves have taken a positive balance from the game and the tour, only before meeting Wisla Krakow.

The good level of play shown, the facility to score goals and the good feeling in the team allows the team to come back to Barcelona with a good taste in the mouth. Now, Wisla Krakow is the next task, which they go into confidently, but also cautiously.

Thierry Henry

”We played a good game. It was different from the others as the Red Bulls sat back and waited for us. Maybe it was too easy at the end of the game.”

“We should respect Wisla Krakow. The first game at home is never easy, you never know what will happen.”

“The game against Dundee United was the most difficult of the pre-season. The pitch was small and they pressured a lot. The match against Wisla away could be like that.”

”We’ve played better than last year. The ball moves fast and it’s easier to create chances.”

Dani Alves

“The outcome is very positive. The team is working on a spectacular level and we are very happy with how things have gone. I hope that in the first game of the Champions’ things go the same as up to now."

“I’m happy I decided to play for Barça."
Satisfactory outcome
Heading for home
Just after leaving the dressing rooms, the players had their passports checked in the Stadium itself. One by one, they went through the metal detector and, along with the rest of the expedition, they got onto the bus. In this way, at the airport the entire delegation get onto the plane directly from the runway.

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