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07.08.2008 02:50

Eto'o, top goalscorer in the pre-season

David Saura (special correspondent)

This Wednesday Samuel Eto'o became Barça’s top goalscorer with five goals in the pre-season, followed by Messi with four in three games before leaving for Shanghai.

The Cameroon striker is now the top scorer of the pre-season for Pep Guardiola’s team. Samuel Eto’o has scored five goals in only 160 minutes of play, which means an average of one goal every 35 minutes. Apart from those scored against the New York Red Bulls, the Barça no. 9 had already scored against Dundee and Chivas, who saw two goals from the Cameroon player.

In the starting line-up for the first time

ny-fcb01_x3x.jpgMoreover, Samuel Eto’o was in the starting line-up for the first time this season, after five games in the pre-season. The Cameroon player, who joined the team later as he had played qualifying games for the World Cup, had always come on in the second half, except in the game against Fiorentina, in which he didn’t play because of the heavy knock on the head received a couple of days earlier.

Xavi, further up field

ny-fcb_x11x.jpgAnother player who sees the opposing goal easier is Xavi Hernández, who scored his second goal of the pre-season. He also supplied the pass for Eto’o’s first goal. This more attacking role is what Pep Guardiola asked for; he wants the midfielder from Terrassa to play further forward, in front of the other midfielders and entering the penalty area more.

Henry, unlucky

Another player who moves well in offence has been Thierry Henry, who started out on the left but has also played centre forward. The Frenchman had several opportunities, but could not beat the goalkeeper Jon Conway. Jeffren Suárez substituted the forward in the 61st minute.
Eto'o, top goalscorer in the pre-season
An average of five goals per game
With Barça’s six goals against the New York Red Bulls, Pep Guardiola’s team have scored 25 goals in the five pre-season games (five per game). 14 different players scored these goals. This Wednesday Rafa Márquez added his name, with his headed goal, to the list of goal scorers in this start to the season.

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