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03.08.2008 11:23

Alves looking forward to Camp Nou debut

David Saura (special correspondent)

Having started every preseason game so far, Dani Alves seems to be a regular part of Pep Guardiola’s plans. The Brazilian has adapted well to the team, and can’t wait to play at the Camp Nou, be that in the Champions League or the Gamper.

The first official game of the season is on the way. What do you make of the Champions League draw?

“They are teams against whom we will need that extra bit of effort, because they aren’t such big names as other more famous clubs. It’s a double-edged blade. But we will need to concentrate as if we were playing a more famous team, intending to finish off the game as early as possible.”

How is the tour going, knowing that you have such an important game ahead?

“We have to take it seriously because we know we aren’t in the real Champions League yet. The team is working hard and that’s the way to go if we want to do big things.”

Do you find this preseason different to others you had before at Sevilla?

“The idea is the same, work hard to start the season well, in good form. And I think we are on the right path.”

Your possible debut at the Camp Nou is getting nearer. Are you looking forward to it?

QM3D3933.jpg“I am, that’s why I came to Barça. But there is no need to be anxious because there is not long before my debut and that wouldn’t be good for me. But I’m looking forward to that more than any other game. I have to get ready so that people can enjoy what I do, so we can achieve the targets FC Barcelona have set.”

What has Guardiola asked of you in these first games?

“I am not doing much that’s different to what I did at Sevilla. It’s the way I play. I ask for more of the same, without the ball, we should defend as well as possible and with it attack as I have always done. But it’s worth mentioning that the team is getting better in defence as each day goes by.”

The manager has explained that you have freedom when it comes to taking free kicks. Xavi, Márquez and Henry can take them, but so did you at Sevilla.

“They are players that have demonstrated that they can take them. If they think I can too, I will. But you have to realise that there is a lot of quality here.”

How are you adapting to the team? Apart from Keita, who you know from Sevilla, who are you getting on with best?

hibernian-fcb1_x3x.jpg“The players are spectacular. It is very easy adapt to the people here. And it’s good to have another Brazilian here in Sylvinho. I identify well with him, and also Leo, and I hope we can do a good job together.

Barça haven’t won anything for two years and the pressure is building up. You are the most expensive signing this year. Do you feel under pressure?

“No, not at all. We have to share the pressure. I have come to Barcelona to enjoy football and the grandeur of this team. I hope we can change the image of the last two years.”
Alves looking forward to Camp Nou debut
Established with Brazil
You have a regular place under Dunga...

“The best thing for my career and that of any footballer is to wear the Brazil shirt. Representing my country is a very big honour. I always say it’s a privilege.”

How’s the Brazil team doing?

“We have more titles than anybody else in the world, but these are not the best of times. But with the quality we have I am sure we can turn things around.”

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