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01.08.2008 14:15

Txiki feels attitude is the key to success

Cristina Collado/Roger Bogunyà

Txiki Begiristain has explained, now that the draw has been made for the Champions League, that the most important thing is for Barça to concentrate on their own work and not worry too much about who they have to play next.

The FC Barcelona director of football Txiki Begiristain did not wish to speak about Barça’s opponents, but about his own team, saying “we don’t have to say much about the grandeur of the teams we have been drawn to play, but stay focused on ourselves. We have to keep to our preseason mentality, and that is the best guarantee of success” he said, in reference to their chances in Europe.

At the Wisla v Beitar game

The FC Barcelona director of football was speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat when he said the club will have staff in Krakow to watch the game between Wisla and Beitar, which will decide which of the two clubs goes on to meet Barça in the third round. He added that “we will also be compiling written information and getting as many pictures as we can, especially of the most recent matches these teams have played. We will have enough information to prepare for the first leg”.
Txiki feels attitude is the key to success
Change of order?
Txiki Begiristain was also asked whether there was going to be a change of order, with the return leg being played at the Camp Nou. “We are working on the change, for sporting reasons, so we can play the second leg at home. And if that would be of financial benefit to the other team, let’s go for it.” In principle the second leg will be played in Poland or Israel, but the clubs may opt to negotiate a change of order.

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