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28.06.2009 13:22

Laporta: “Eto'o has a stratospheric offer”


Barcelona chairman Joan Laporta admits that the Cameroon striker has “a stratospheric offer from another team, which would make him into the best-paid player in the world”. Nevertheless, Laporta would like Eto'o to stay at Barça.

This Saturday in an interview with radio programme ‘Tarda Tardà' on Icat FM, Barcelona chairman Joan Laporta spoke about his taste in music but also had time to look at the latest first team news.

Bid for Eto'o

08-05-09_WEB_ETOO_01.jpgLaporta said that he believes “Samuel Eto'o wants to stay and I’d like him to” but the player has received “a stratospheric offer from another team, which would make him into the best-paid player in the world”. He also pointed out that if the Cameroon striker stays and Barça end up signing David Villa, the two players would be “compatible” as “the season is long”.

Keirrison and Luis Filipe

Another name linked with Barça this week has been Keirrison. Laporta announced that his signing for Barça is on the point of being completed.

Turning to Deportivo de la Coruña’s full-back, Luis Filipe, Laporta said that if Lendoiro asks for €20 million for the player “then I’ll make no effort to get him. He’s out of the market there”.

Waiting for Ribéry

ZUERAS_WEB_ENTRENO_BAYERN_07-04-09_008.JPGLaporta was full of praise for Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribéry: “We like him a lot. Bayern knows that and he does too. We also know Madrid are after him, but Beckenbauer isn’t selling. However, if they change their minds they know we’re interested”. Given the fact that other clubs are looking to sign the Frenchman, Laporta made it clear that “we won’t get into an auction over him”.

Praise for Messi

Laporta was full of praise for one of Barcelona’s top stars, Leo Messi. “He’s the best there’s ever been, Barça’s ‘Messiah’,” said the club chairman. Another name to come up in the conversation was Mascherano, a great friend of Leo Messi’s and one of the other players Barça have been interested in. “We have the best midfield, but Touré and Keita will be off to the African Cup of Nations,” noted Laporta.
Laporta: “Eto'o has a stratospheric offer”
Taste in music
‘Tarda Tardà', presented by the music expert Jordi Tardà, is one of the best programmes around for rock lovers. During their conversation, Joan Laporta revealed his taste in music: “Music can help you to overcome situations and grow as a person... music tames the beast”. His favourite singers include Bruce Springsteen and Catalan artist Joan Manel Serrat.

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