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22.06.2009 14:40

Medina: “We want Iniesta to make the US tour”

Núria Coll/Edgar Fornós

Barça’s first team doctor, Dani Medina, has told the new Barça TV programme ‘El Club respon' that he hopes Iniesta will be back as soon as possible. “We want him to be ready for the US tour,” he said.

Andrés Iniesta played the run-in to the end of the season carrying a muscle injury in his right leg. Although he managed to make the big date in Rome for the Champions League final, since then all efforts have focussed on getting him fully fit again as soon as possible. “We want him to be ready for the US tour,” said Barcelona doctor Dani Medina.

Muscle fatigue

QM3D8631.jpgMedina told Barça TV that a key factor in the midfielder’s injury was muscle fatigue. “He’d played in the European Championship before starting the season with Barça and this year he’s had a major role in the team,” he pointed out. “In fact all the players who took part in Euro 2008, with the exception of Xavi, have had niggles over the course of the season.”

Messi’s injuries lead to new approach

medina_iniesta.jpgLeo Messi’s hamstring problems in previous seasons led to a new approach to preventing muscle injury. “We drew up a specific prevention programme including nutrition, biometrics, the way players train and their position on the pitch,” explained Medina. “That way we can see what’s going on and reduce the risk of injury.”
Medina: “We want Iniesta to make the US tour”
No problems for Piqué and Puyol
Two of the players who ended the season with niggles and are now playing in the Confederations Cup, defenders Piqué and Puyol, are now back to normal. “The Spain doctors have told us they are making good progress with no difficulties,” said Medina. “They’ll be doing a lot this summer and they’ll be in our preseason plans.”

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