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15.06.2009 12:59

Two old rivals and a new one

Jordi Clos

Zaragoza, Tenerife and Jerez this weekend won promotion to the First Division. Barça have played the first two on many occasions but have never gone head-to-head with Jerez.

With one game still to go in the Second Division championship, Zaragoza, Tenerife and Jerez are now certain to take over from relegated Betis, Recreativo and Numancia in the top flight. The first two have been there before while for Jerez it will be a new experience. In fact, they have never played Barça in a competitive match.

R. Zaragoza: old campaigner is back

Real Zaragoza is one of the biggest clubs in Spain. Prior to going down in 2008, it had spent 54 seasons in the First Division, and it has won a Fairs Cup, a Cup Winners Cup, six Spanish Cups and a Super Cup.

zar-fcb10.jpgBarça have played the Aragon outfit 110 times in the League (60 wins, 27 draws and 23 defeats) and 24 in the Cup (11 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses). The two teams also went head-to-head in the 1994 Super Cup when the Catalans won 6-5 on aggregate. In Europe they have only played in the Fairs Cup in 1966 when winger Lluís Pujol won the game for Barça in extra time at La Romareda.

CD Tenerife: old ‘friend’

EUFORIA_LLIGA_92-93_xSTOITXKOVx.jpgThe word ‘Tenerife' conjures up for Barça fans memories of one of the most glorious periods in the club’s history, the Dream Team. In 1992 and 1993, Tenerife’s wins over Madrid, combined with Barça beating Bilbao and Real Sociedad, clinched the League title for the Catalans on the last day of the season.

The 1990s were a good decade for the Canary Island outfit. Most of their 12 years in the top flight took place then plus they did well in Europe in the UEFA Cup. They’ve only won 3 of their 24 League clashes with Barça, and a cup tie in 1964 was easily won by the Catalans.

Jerez CD: the new boys

There will be a new team in the 2009/10 League: Jerez. The Andalusia outfit has been in Second Division A for 30 years and has spent 17 in Second Division B. They’ve never drawn Barça in the Cup so there have been no official matches between the two sides. That means next season will see the first visit by the reigning European champions to the Chapín Municipal Stadium.

However, Jerez and Barça did play on 7 September 1952 in the 1st Vendimia Trophy at Domecq. Barça’s legendary ‘Five Cups’ side ran out winners by 3-6.
Two old rivals and a new one
The managers
Zaragoza is managed by Marcelino García Toral, ex-boss at Racing Santander (2007/08), Tenerife by José Luis Oltra and Jerez by Esteban Vigo, ex-Barça player from 1977 to 1987 and ex-coach in Barça’s youth setup.

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