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24.03.2009 14:44

24 goals away from history

Berta Brau

FC Barcelona are on good course to beat the all-time league record of 107 goals in a season. They have 84 already, three more than the current record holder had scored at this stage of the campaign.

That was Real Madrid in the 1989/90 season. Under current Wales manager John Toshack, the all-whites scored 107 times in a single season. The record has remained intact for 19 seasons, but Pep Guardiola’s Barça could well top it this year.

Three more goals

QM3D1448.jpgThe 84 goals that FC Barcelona have scored in 28 games are three more than Toshack’s Madrid had accumulated at this same stage of the season in 89/90. That means Barça need 23 more goals to equal the record, and 24 to beat it.

Looking good

Scoring 24 goals in ten games is quite some feat, but judging by the way their season has gone so far, Barça can feel quietly confident. They have scored an average of three goals a game this term, yet don’t need to match that to break the record, they ‘only’ need 2.4 goals a game. And after all, if this season, in just four games, Barça managed to accumulate 24 goals, then surely it is realistic enough to expect them to do likewise in ten!

Barça simply better

QM3D7310.jpgAt this stage of the season, Guardiola’s Barça has better stats that Real Madrid did under Toshack in just about every aspect. Not only have they won two more games (22 for Barça and 20 for Madrid), but they have also looked better in defence, Valdés letting in just 24 goals while Buyo had leaked 27 by the 28th game of the 1989/90 campaign.
24 goals away from history
Messi, Henry and Eto'o, lethal
Of Barça’s 84 goals in La Liga, more than half were the work of the trio of Messi, Henry and Eto'o. These three have amassed an amazing 59 goals between them.

In fact, Real Madrid, with 66 goals, is the only club in all of the first division that, as a team, has managed to score more goals than the threesome of Henry, Messi and ‘pichichi’ Eto'o.

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