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22.03.2009 22:12

Guardiola: “The aim is to stay humble”

Vanessa Forns

After beating Malaga by a convincing 6-0, Guardiola has praised his players’ talent and their humility in keeping things simple.

Humility was a word that Josep Guardiola used a lot in Sunday’s post-match press conference. The Barça coach is clear that the squad’s strengths have to be “ambition, humility, putting the team before anything else and attacking”.

Not giving more importance to one title

With FC Barcelona on for three possible titles, their coach thinks it’s important “not to set our sights on one specific one”. “We have to try to win each game. We have to go on with this mentality if we are to win anything. And if we don’t win anything it wouldn’t be through lack of trying”. On the league, Guardiola stated “we face the last ten games in good shape”.

Attacking philosophy

Guardiola realises that the fans want to enjoy good football, and he tries to deliver: “People enjoy watching us play. We certainly put everything into it. We play for the fans, they come to enjoy good football and we can’t let them down. We want to play attractive attacking football, and the team’s attitude shows this, and it pleases me as a coach”.

High demands

As demanding as ever, Guardiola maintained “we can still improve. We played well in the first half and in the first 15 minutes of the second, but any team’s main goal has to constantly trying to improve. I know we could keep it up for 90 minutes.

Anyhow, the coach still had praise for “the attacking football” and the way his players wore Malaga down. “At times we’re difficult to control”.

“We have to plug back in faster than usual”

Guardiola was stoic on the coming break in the league for international games: “We’ll have to plug back in faster than usual, Madrid won’t let up and the Champions League is coming up. You can be knocked out in 10 minutes in that competition, so I hope the players understand that”.


The only downside to the evening was the injuries to Touré and Iniesta. The coach explained “they are minor muscular ruptures, and they should be OK in ten to fifteen days”. On Xavi, he said “he’s had a problem with a tendon for some days, but he’s brave and he’ll be fine for the last part of the league”.
Guardiola: “The aim is to stay humble”
Laporta: “A full game”
The FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta expressed his satisfaction with the 6-0 victory, describing the match as a “full game”. He publically wanted to congratulate the team and coaching staff on the fact that “members and fans can enjoy some good football”.

Joan Laporta also expressed his concern over the injuries to Touré and Iniesta, and added that “I hope all the players come back fit from their international commitments, and I wish Touré and Iniesta a speedy recovery”.

With this win over Malaga, Barça maintain their six-point lead over Real Madrid and the president pointed out that: “There are fewer and fewer games to play now, so we’re on the right track”.

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