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02.03.2009 14:51

Sylvinho is confident

Marc Guillén

Sylvinho is very confident about Barça’s prospects and told the media that the slip-ups of the last two weekends “won’t happen again”.

The Brazilian smiled when asked about Madrid and commented that any pressure from that direction was because “they’re scared of Barça”.

“We’re fine and confident”

02-03-09_WEB_SYLVINHO_05.jpgSylvinho has no doubts about the team and says that they are heading in the right direction: “We believe in what we’re doing. Two results like that won’t happen again, especially not in that way. We’re fine and confident in the way we’re working”.

Sylvinho also commented that the two League defeats are hard to analyse as the games were pretty strange, and he explained what the Madrid-based media are trying to do: “They’re trying to put on the pressure because they’re scared of us, they know we’re fine, we’ve got a great squad and we’re doing really well”.

Going for a win at Mallorca

02-03-09_WEB_SYLVINHO_01.jpgBarça have to turn their attention to their Cup semi-final second leg with Majorca this Wednesday. The Brazilian doesn’t think that recent results will have affected the team. “It’s another competition and it won’t hurt our morale,” he argued.

Sylvinho believes the side cannot play in Mallorca thinking about the first-leg score (2-0): “If we go into this game thinking about the Camp Nou match that’ll be a problem. We’ve got to play like we always do, attack and go for the win, but it’ll be hard”.
Sylvinho is confident

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“Physically great”
Sylvinho denied that the team’s physical condition has declined in this part of the season and offered his own explanation: “We’re fine, physically great. Thing is, when you’re losing you have to run more and so it might seem you’re more tired when you aren’t”.

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