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21.02.2009 23:19

Sending-off key, according to players

Roger Bogunyà

Barça players coincided in their opinion that Keita’s sending-off in the 38th minute conditioned the rest of the match. They also stated the referee is only human, and he can have a bad day.

When Keita got a direct red card after tackling Moisés in the 38th minute, the game changed completely. Barça had to play the rest of the match one man down, which left its mark on the play. “With 10 it’s difficult to play our game”, “the sending-off was excessive” and “the referee changed the course of the game” were some of the comments made.

Below we reproduce some of the comments made.


QM3D7234.jpg“We couldn’t play our game.”
“It was a difficult game.”
“With one player down, it’s difficult to move the ball around as we like to.”
“The sending-off was an unfair decision that changed the rest of the game. We’d been on top till then. The referee changed the course of the game.”
“We have an important lead, and we need to continue working in the same way we have been till now.”
“We’ll be more united than ever.”
“It’s good we have the Champions coming up.”


“It was a very tense game.”
“The sending-off was excessive and it affected us. Seydou Keita hadn’t gone in maliciously and a yellow card would have been enough. It was key to the rest of the game. The referee ruined the game.”
“Referees are only human and they can make mistakes.”
“With ten players it was difficult to dominate the game.”
“There were a lot of stoppages – about 15 minutes each half and it’s a shame.”
“When they got the second, we moved forward and managed to get one back.”


“When it was 1-2 they tried to kill the game.”
“The sending-off was key, because there was still a lot to play.”
“Our game is based on speed. Espanyol came to play their way and they killed the game.”
“The error of letting in a second goal was important, but we responded well.”


QM3D6994.jpg“Being seven points clear after 24 games is great. Everything is going well. We have to keep playing the same way.”
“It was logical that we would eventually lose a game.”
“Referees do their job, and they sometimes make mistakes. It might have made a difference, but I don’t want to give it too much importance.”
“A defeat always hurts, especially as it was against Espanyol.”
“The crowd was behind us, putting pressure on the referee, which was important.”
“We had a series of games in January which other teams didn’t have.”
“In Lyon we have to show that we’re going to win the Champions League.”
Sending-off key, according to players
Training on Sunday at 11:30
The first team goes back to training on Sunday at 11:30 in the Ciutat Esportiva, where they will begin their preparations for the Lyon game.

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