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10.02.2009 12:05

Messi: "We really want titles"

Edgar Fornós

On the verge of his first appearance for Argentina under Maradona, Messi is once again the focus of the world’s eyes, but what matters most to him is putting an end to Barça’s trophy drought.

Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Lionel Messi has reiterated the importance of winning titles this year. He is also happy with the rotation system being employed, and with the great understanding he has developed with Dani Alves. And this week he will also play his first international under the great Diego Maradona. More of Leo Messi's thoughts on these subjects can be found in the official magazine of the UEFA Champions League .

Do you feel like the star of a movie that is about to win all the major awards this season?

QM3D8847.jpg“We are all part of a group and are keen to do big things for this team and its people. We really want to win titles at the end of the season. I feel like one more part of the group and I think if we keep working the way we are, success will come.”

The stats this season are spectacular and you have a lot to do with that. How vital do you think Messi is for the team?

“I have been lucky enough this season not to have had any injuries and that means I play more for the team. Last year I was out for many months so I now appreciate being able to play. But I feel as important as I always have been when I am on the pitch, and my team mates make sure I know that.”

Against Mallorca you started as a sub, but you looked very active on the bench. Is that because you want to get out there and play?

messi-_fcb-racing_x22x.jpg“Ever since I came to Barça I feel very involved in the team. Whenever I go out there I want to win and get the three points. When I have to watch things from the bench I suffer much more because it feels like there is nothing I can do to help.”

You are sharing the right side of the pitch with Dani Alves. What is it like to have somebody like that coming up from behind?

“He is an amazing player. Playing with Dani is fantastic because he’s a quality player and makes life easier for you on the pitch. It is a pleasure to have him in the side.

Are the rotations helping the team to do well?

QM3D3846.jpg“The boss is using them to perfection. We are adapting well to the way of playing and I think if we continue with this system the rotating will make sure we can keep up our form until the end of the season.”

Sixteen first team players and three from Barça Atlètic have been named in international squads. What is about Barça that so many people are taking notice?

“It’s all because of the form the team is displaying. National managers can’t ignore Barça’s form this year. We are playing daring, attractive football, and they like it.”

From La Masía to the Ciudad Esportiva. What does the squad make of the change of home?

“At first it was a bit hard to adapt to the Ciudad Esportiva, but now we are settled we are fine. It is a better area for working in, it’s quieter.”

Such a young player getting so much recognition. How are you keeping your feet on the ground?

FIFA_GALA030.JPG“You have to take everything that comes calmly. For me it is important to be close to my family and to enjoy their support. Your own people are always there to help if things go wrong.”

What can we expect of such a promising future?

“I hope that all the work we have done this season pays off in the form of titles”
Messi: “We really want titles“

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The star of Maradona’s team
He has never hidden is love for the blue and white of Argentina. Along with Barça, these are the two teams that have inspired the very best out of Leo Messi.

How do you feel ahead of your first match with Maradona as national manager?

“I am looking forward to this match and having Maradona as the coach. I think it will be brilliant.”

What do you make of the relationship between the AFA and FC Barcelona?

“It’s spectacular. The better they get on, the better for me. I want to be with my national team as much as I can and I am very pleased that the club is willing to support my desire to play for Argentina.”

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