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10.02.2009 10:55

From Barcelona to Sant Joan Despí

Berta Brau

After the first three months at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, different members of the first team has spoken about their satisfaction with the facilities, which have lived up to expectations in every respect.

FC Barcelona definitively moved to the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper on January 19, 2009, just over three weeks ago. Following their first three months there, Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat decided to ask the first team what they make of the new training facility. Andrés Iniesta, Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets and Juan Carlos Unzué gave us their impressions of the Ciudad Deportiva del FC Barcelona.

What’s it like working at the Ciudad Deportiva?

QM3D2472.jpg"It is as if we were in our own little city, where you have all your comforts and can enjoy more peace," said Andrés Iniesta, who has spent years working at the Camp Nou. Sergio Busquets added that "you work better there, there is more space and a happier and more open atmosphere". Goalkeepers coach Juan Carlos Unzué agreed that "there has been a huge step up in quality, we can feel privileged to be able to work in a place like this". He feels it is important for the goalkeepers to get more freedom and have their own space".

An important and deserved change

Without knocking the Camp Nou facilities that the team had been using up until January 19, all agree that this change was needed, because as Alves says “a team as big as FC Barcelona needed facilities like these, because the working conditions we had before were not the best.” “Barça deserved this training site” added Iniesta, while Busquets considers "that these facilities are in keeping with such a big team".

Great adaptation

27-01-09_WEB_ETOO_0Y_ALVES_1.jpg"The first time we came to work at the Ciudad Deportiva we realised what a marvellous place it is", said Dani Alves, adding that "all of the players are happy to be able to use a place like this". Unzué also feels "the players are enjoying all the changes, because the facilities are living up to every expectation".

What is the best thing about the Ciudad Deportiva?

Dani Alves highlights the training pitches, which are "spectacular and just right for the work we do". Sergio Busquets and Unzué are also impressed by the quality of the playing fields, stressing "the sspace and the size of the facilities." Midfielder Andrés Iniesta added that "there is more natural light, and it’s a better place for the physios to work in."

Reserves at the Ciudad Deportiva

QM3D2476.jpgSergio Busquets knows the Ciudad Deportiva very well, for it was here that he used to train with Barça B under Guardiola. He has fond memories of those days. "We worked here last season, but differently, it was another level. We had no press or onlookers, it was quieter, but then again, we didn’t have all the comforts we have now”.
From Barcelona to Sant Joan Despí

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Managers’ verdict
Speaking to the press before the last league match, Pep Guardiola also reviewed his early experiences of life in Sant Joan Despí: "The verdict is positive for many reasons. We have two, three, four pitches that are all perfect for working on. We have natural light to work under. We also have excellent conditions, good facilities and it is more peaceful. We have little things to gradually sort out but I think the players feel fine, they’re settled and that’s what really matters”.

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