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07.02.2009 16:11

Luis Enrique: “It’ll be a game to enjoy”

Jaume Marcet

Barça Atlètic coach Luis Enrique is looking forward to the clash between Sporting Gijon and FC Barcelona. Having played for both clubs, he thinks the game will be one to be enjoyed.

Luis Enrique started his career at Sporting, and played for them for two years in the First Division (1989-91), but his best time as a player was the seven seasons (1996-2004) he spent at Barça. This Sunday he’ll be watching the Barça v Sporting game with special attention from the stands.

What do you think about Sporting coming back to Camp Nou after so many years?

mestallabcn03.JPG"Sporting are back because they deserve it. I think the Sporting players and fans should enjoy coming to one of the best grounds in the world, albeit against the club that’s playing the best football in Europe. I think it’ll be a great game, very interesting and I’ll be there to see it".

What do you think about Sporting making a good comeback after a poor start to the season?

"They had a hard start against some of the best teams and that got tongues wagging in Gijon and calling into question the side and the coach. But Preciado and his players have worked hard with a well-defined game plan and shown their talent in turning the situation around. Now they’re in the middle of the table playing good football and just last weekend they beat Seville after being a man down for 60 minutes, so they’ll be coming here to win".

Can Sporting make it hard for Barça ?

28-01-09_WEB_BENJA_05.jpg"Of course. Barça is playing the best football in Europe at the moment but all games are different. Obviously Sporting won’t be coming to attack all out because all teams come here and play cautiously, but they can hit you on the break and they have players who play good football".

Will the game at Camp Nou be very different from the previous meeting at El Molinón?

"Yes, and I remember that game because Barça was under pressure after losing away at Numancia and drawing at home with Racing, and they went to El Molinón knowing they play good football there but it’s a hard place to get points, and then they scored six… I think it’ll be evenly matched; Barça are obviously better but Sporting have a good chance too".
Luis Enrique: “It’ll be a game to enjoy”

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Busy Sunday
Will you be more nervous in the Miniestadi for the Barça Atlètic v Villareal B game or at Camp Nou for Sporting-Barça?

"No question. My job comes first and the Barça Atlètic game with Villarreal B comes first. I’d suggest to anyone around Camp Nou, Sporting fans and Barça fans alike, if they have nothing to do two and a half hours before the Barça match, I’d encourage them to come along and support us and see a good game against Villarreal B, who’ve been leaders since the start of the season, and then go and see the First Division match between Barça and Sporting. I’ve always been a Sporting fan, and of course I’m a Barça fan as well, and I’d like to see an entertaining game. I’d like both teams to achieve what they want to, which in Sporting’s case is staying up which they’re well on the way to doing, and in Barça’s case is winning things, which they’re also well on the way to doing. Whatever the result is I know I’m going to be more nervous in our game, which is as it should be and that’s the way I want it to be. If I can enjoy watching the Barça-Sporting after having won three points, I’ll be really pleased".

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