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07.02.2009 15:31

Guardiola: “We’re not tired, we’re fine”

Berta Brau

Pep Guardiola says that the team is in good shape and always ready to give 100% out on the pitch. He is looking forward to “a good game against Sporting” and hopes the fans will get behind the team.

Pep Guardiola is determined to quash any rumours about the physical condition of the team. “We’re not tired, we’re fine,” he said. “We must be in good shape because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to keep going in three competitions with matches so close together.” He admitted that the team’s game has perhaps lost some of its sheen though he isn’t worried about it: “We’ll have good games and bad games but you can be sure the team will always be giving 100%”.

Tough rival

QM3D2817.jpgDespite crushing Sporting Gijon in the first encounter between the two sides by 1-6, Guardiola thinks tomorrow’s game against the Asturians will be tough but entertaining. “I reckon it’ll be a good match,” he commented. “We’ve played sides who park the bus and Sporting don’t do that. Manolo Preciado says they’re coming to attack and if he says that, that’s what they’ll do. They’ve got the players to make it hard for us, and though they might lose they could win too.”

“I like brave coaches”

Guardiola said he had a lot of time for Sporting’s coach who had treated him very well when the sides met for the first time this season: “I like brave coaches and I admire them for always going for goals”. He also underlined the excellent job Manolo Preciado is doing: “Sporting are doing really well at the moment and along with Valladolid they are one of the mid-table sides who are always looking to win games”.

Calls on fans

QM3D2842.jpgGuardiola has called on Barça’s fans to turn out in force at Camp Nou. “Tomorrow’s game will be good and I’d like people to come along because they’ll see goals, though I hope they’ll be ours,” he said. “As I’ve been saying since the start of the season, we can’t do it alone and we need the fans to give us their support.”

Busquets and Piqué called up for Spain

Guardiola publicly congratulated Sergi Busquets and Gerard Piqué on being called up for the full Spanish team. “The two of them are coming on really nicely,” he argued. “This is Piqué’s first year as a regular and he can still improve and make progress. Sergi has been a real surprise, even for me. I’m pleased they’ve been selected and they deserve it.”
Guardiola: “We’re not tired, we’re fine”

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Quini in the opposition dugout
Guardiola admits that he has had little to do with Quini at a personal level, but says that “people who have done have a lot of time for him”. As a result, and aside from the good things Quini did as a Barça player, Guardiola thinks it’s good for football that he’s still there and says “it’ll be a pleasure to meet up and say hello.”

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