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03.02.2009 14:00

Xavi passionate about Guardiola


Xavi Hernández has revealed the passion that he has for FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola in an interview with EFE where he explained that “he has been my reference for everything”.

"Guardiola transmits his passion and is so enthusiastic. If he believes something is white and you think it is black, you will end up believing that it is white," the Catalan midfielder said. "He is a very intelligent person and I think that that is his secret. It is how he convinces and motivates you and treats the best players in the team.”

Attention to detail

“We have all felt part of things since pre-season,” he continued. "We now battle back in games. Like against Racing, for example, last season we would have lost that for sure. But now the team has great professionalism and commitment. The work that we do without the ball and the studying of the opposition is necessary because nowadays you cannot just wait and see, because otherwise you will be caught out. There is also a lot of injury prevention treatment and the coaching staff are very strict about the diet. We have a physiologist and things are better than ever."

Iniesta and Messi

QM3D0004.jpgXavi then praised his team-mate Andrés Iniesta as he said: “He is the best Spanish player around. He and I both enjoy having the ball, but when he receives and moves away he has two or three metres that I had before. Andrés also has something extra and that means that he can play further forward or on the wings.”

Joining his other team-mates in their adulation of Lionel Messi, he added that “he is the best in the world and can make the difference in a game.” Xavi continued: “Anyone that does not see that is either blind or does not understand football.”
Xavi passionate about Guardiola
Media star
Xavi Hernández revealed just how much he does not enjoy the glare of the media spotlight being pointed towards him, during his interview with EFE. "I have never really enjoyed that side of things and never looked for it in the same way that others do,” he said. “I have never been comfortable with it and I try to stay away from it. At the FIFA gala I was shaking. On the other hand, put me in Camp Nou in a game with pressure and I do not feel it because I have a ball at my feet."

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