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30.12.2007 12:28

Intense morning session in the Mini

Berta Brau / Jordi Clos

FC Barcelona have finished the first of a double training session this Sunday in the Ministadium.

Samuel Eto’o, as expected, joined the session this morning. It was a very intense session for those present.

Physical demands

QM3D0019.jpgPresent were Abidal, Valdés, Edmilson, Ronaldinho, Sylvinho, Márquez, Giovani, Iniesta, Thuram, Zambrotta, Gudjohnsen, Ezquerro, Deco, Eto'o and Touré. The training staff also called on Busquets and Víctor Sánchez from the B team and also the Juvenil keeper Rubén. Thierry Henry was unable to train due to migraine, while those with the Catalan squad left Bilbao this morning and will join the rest of the players for the afternoon session.

QM3D0210.jpgApart from the warm up and drills, the session consisted of two exercises. The first saw the players form two teams; one team played keep ball while the other did some circuit drills focusing on physical and technical work and finishing with a shot on goal defended by either Valdés or Rubén. Each group did both exercises twice.

Messi starting to run

Messi, meanwhile, has started training on the pitch and has already started running in the Nou Camp. Milito and Oleguer continued with their own specific training.
Intense morning session in the Mini
Afternoon in La Masía
Barça will finish the double session this afternoon. Training this time will be in La Masía starting at six o’clock.

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