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23.12.2007 22:09

Milito: "Defeat is hard to take"

Anna Segura

Gabi Milito admitted that losing to Real Madrid hurt FC Barcelona, but stated the team would not lose faith and would bounce back in the New Year.

Other members of the squad concurred with the Argentinian defender that the reverse against los Merengues was hard to take.

Below are what some of the players had to say:

Gabriel Milito:

"We were unable to recover after their goal. In the second half they took advantage of their counter-attacks very well. They were very well positioned and they worked very hard to keep us from finding a way through to their goal."

"The defeat is hard and it hurts. But the teams that win titles are the ones that no how to overcome hard times. I believe in the team. They are seven points clear, but I still think there is a long way to go and we must not lose faith."

"It is sad because the team came from a very good run and we have won all our other home games comfortably."

"Everyone who was out there tried everything we could. Maybe we have not played our best game, but I have a clear conscience knowing that we gave it our all."

"We expected Madrid to play as they did. They closed up their defence well and they used their fast players well on the break."


"We are sad about the result. We thought that a draw would have been fair. Neither team had a great game. We did not take any of the chances that we had."

"We were not comfortable. They have worked very hard, physically. We had real problems creating our play."

"They were strong at the back. Before the goal we had a clear chance and we did not take advantage of that."

"There is still a long way to go. We have to continue working and try to turn things around."

"We have to lift ourselves in 2008 and to continue battling for trophies."

Andrés Iniesta:

"We expected to be a point behind them and this has hit us hard."

"The seven-point gap is recoverable. We have to begin the year in different form and there is still a long way to go."

"They only had one chance and they have scored, while we have had several chances and have not. That was the difference."

Víctor Valdés

"It was a pity. Nobody wanted to lose in Camp Nou and even less so against Madrid, but now we must look ahead."

"The second half was wide open and could have gone one way or the other. But we were unlucky in front of goal."

"To try and come from behind was difficult and even more so when they sat back and only played on the counter-attack."

"There is still a long way to go. It is a difficult day. It has to be analysed with confidence and to move forward, which we still can."
Milito:  “Defeat is hard to take“
Laporta: "The game has not gone as we wanted"
Joan Laporta has recognised that "Madrid played a very strong game. We had chances and we could have scored, but in the end it did no go as we wanted it to". But the Barça president did not let his head drop and said that "the game is already in the past and now we have to work to reduce the gap. We have not lost anything and we have to continue aspiring to the title". He added that "now the fans have to be behind the team because they need it more than ever".

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