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21.12.2007 15:03

Puyol: “Real Madrid have no weaknesses”

David Puig

FC Barcelona captain Carles Puyol feels Real Madrid have no weak points and will be coming to Barcelona in search of all three points. But the atmosphere in the Barça camp is good, and they feel just as confident about winning.

Carles Puyol told a post-training press conference that he feels the team has got what it takes to beat Real Madrid, although describing the opposition he said “I see no weak points. We will have to play serious in defence and take care over their goalscoring chances, because they take no prisoners in attack. We just have to play our own game and take the chances we get”.

A game to be won at all costs

Carles Puyol has always had a winning mentality, and that is even more the case when we are talking about an opponent like Real Madrid. “I want to win, and we can also play spectacular football, so much the better, but the most important thing is to get the win, because they are three very important points and if we can get them, Real Madrid will not be able to break away at the top of the table”.

“Ronaldinho is very important for the team”

11entrnu211207.jpgEvery body is asking whether Ronaldinho will start or not. Puyol thinks perhaps too much is being said about this and merely recognised the Brazilian’s importance in the team. “We are always worrying about Ronaldinho. When he smiles, why is he smiling, when he’s serious, why he doesn’t help the team and creates bad feeling. We can’t always be worrying about that because that would be crazy. Start or not? Everybody can think what they want. The idea that he played with the substitutes yesterday is an idea you lot thought up. Ronaldinho is important for us both and off the pitch”.
Puyol: “Real Madrid have no weaknesses”

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“Eto'o contributes a lot”
The Barça captain has been impressed with what Eto'o has achieved in his three games after returning from injury. “Eto'o contributes a lot of things. He is one of the best forwards in the world and is always our first line of defence. He works very hard, he’s always moving and he gives a lot of options up front”.

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