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20.12.2007 14:09

Milito: “Small details will decide “el clásico”

David Puig

Gaby Milito is expecting a finely balanced and intense match against Real Madrid and believes it will be decided by small details.

The Argentine international central defender is really looking forward to his first game against Real defending the colours of FC Barcelona.

Milito is convinced that this Sunday’s match will be an evenly contested affair that will decanted to one side or the other by small details. Speaking at the post-training press conference on Thursday, he assured reporters that there is never a favourite in this type of match:” I don’t believe that Barça are favourites because we’re playing at home. Both teams are in form and won their last league matches convincingly. It’ll be necessary to pay close attention to the small details during the match as they will decide who wins”.

Worldwide impact

201207entrenament.jpgMilito didn’t get the chance to play in a match of similar importance during his time with Zaragoza. However, at his previous club, Independiente de Avellaneda, he took part in the derby games against Racing, one of the great rivalries in Argentine football. But it has to be said that these derbies don’t have the same worldwide impact as a Barça v Real Madrid: “They are very special matches, played with great passion, but a Barça v Real Madrid has worldwide media repercussions that an Independiente v Racing doesn’t have. You feel in the atmosphere that it isn’t like other matches. However, the team is facing it with the same tranquillity and concentration as always”.

Real Madrid’s strong points

201207milito_23.jpgMilito believes that Real Madrid have very few weak points. In contrast, he highlights a number of aspects of their game that have to be carefully watched, such as their danger in the air and the goal poaching instinct of Ruud Van Nistelrooy, a player he may well have to mark: “They make good use of dead ball situations and we’ll have to be very careful. We have to communicate with each other and not make any mistakes. They a physically powerful side but they also like to have the ball”.

As for Van Nistelrooy, Milito believes he has a special instinct: “He’s a great forward, very dangerous, especially in the goal area. He’s got a special gift that makes every ball go his way. We have to keep a close eye on him and not give him any space because if not he can decide the match”.
Milito: “Small details will decide “el clásico”

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The return of Eto'o
Milito also underlined the importance of the return to the team of Samuel Eto'o, who has already scored three goals in just two matches: “Eto'o is a very important player for the team. He transmits a lot of courage and has an amazing winning mentality. We have welcomed him back with our arms wide open because he’s a fundamental player”.

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