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27.11.2007 23:58

“We hope to continue like this”

Roger Bogunyà

Leo Messi has said that the most important thing was “to qualify” and that they now have to “continue like this”, because the next challenge is the local derby with Espanyol.

The Barça players were unanimous in declaring that it was hugely important to qualify for the second phase of the Champions League with one game in hand. Leo Messi was pleased with the team performance and hopes Tuesday’s form will be repeated: “We hope we can continue like this because the derby on Saturday is very important”.

The following is a selection of comments made by FC Barcelona players after the match:


”Our objective was to qualify, and top of the group, and so I am happy”.

“Not only did I face strong challenges, but my team-mates did too. They played very tough”.

“I feel fine and the most important thing is the team is doing well”.

“It was odd to see Ronaldinho on the bench because he is such an important player for us, but I am sure we will need him on Saturday”.


lio-fcb01_x5x.jpg“I am very happy with the way things are going. It was important to win, but at least we have qualified”.

“I am very happy with the confidence I am receiving and want to make the most of the chances I am given”.

“I knew I had a chance of starting but until I knew it was official I was not expecting it”.

“Ronaldinho was on the bench today, but he is a great player and I am sure he will continue to demonstrate that”.

“I have a better chance of scoring if I play in the middle”.

“It would be nice (to score in the Champions League) and I still have a game left”.

“I have Oforiquaye’s record on my mind (the youngest player to score a goal in the Champions League) but it is no obsession. If I score against Stuttgart, well great, but if I don’t, it doesn’t matter”.


“I slipped and so I wasn’t able to react in time. I don’t know if it was offside”.

“It was a moment when the referee should have calmed things down and shown the opposition a card”.

“When you see they hurt a young team mate and they kick him a thousand times and the referee does nothing, that kind of reaction is normal”.

“Recently, away from home, we have played all kinds of teams, but we have played to our style”.

“I don’t think the fact that Ronaldinho didn’t play is big news”.

“It was very important to qualify top of the group”.
“We hope to continue like this”
Training on Wednesday at 18.00
The FC Barcelona first team will train at 6 in the evening on Wednesday at la Masia. The side will be thinking of the derby with Espanyol on Saturday.

The session will be attended by Eric Abidal, who was given permission by the club to stay overnight in Lyon, where he spent three years as a player, after the game.

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