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26.11.2007 14:43

Carles Busquets takes over temporarily from Unzué


Carles Busquets is to sub for Juan Carlos Unzué as first team goalkeeping coach while the latter studies for his coaching badge in Madrid.

For the next three weeks, the former keeper and current youth teams coach Carles Busquets will combine his usual job with that of first team goalkeeping coach.

Juan Carlos Unzué told Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat that he could not turn down the chance of securing his second level coaching badge: “It’s a unique opportunity. I obtained the first level in my playing days in Pamplona and now there’s a new promotion for former players it’s a good opportunity to acquire new knowledge for my day-to-day work”.

A helping hand

For his part, Carles Busquets is delighted to be able to help out his colleague: “If he needs a helping hand, he’s got it, and that way he’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity”. Busquets intends to follow the working guidelines drawn up by Unzué, which he described as “very good”.

A future in coaching

Unzué revealed that he has always liked the idea of becoming coach: “I’ve always had that possibility in mind and it’s a chance, in a short but intense space of time, to obtain this second level badge, which will allow me to do the third level national coaching badge in June”.

However, Unzué stressed that he is motivated by and happy with his current job as first team goalkeeping coach: “I’m highly motivated. I like the job and I think there is much to be done, but I’ve always thought that one day I’d like to take my own decisions, make mistakes or get it right with what I think and materialise on my experience as a player and as a member of the FC Barcelona coaching staff”.

Happy with the youngsters

Carles Busquets, on the other hand, is very happy to work with the youngsters and sees himself remaining there in the near future: “I’m happy here. I’m training well. I like working with the youngsters and it’s what motivates me. The first team is there but it’s not something that obsesses me. I’m very happy here”.

Busquets also believes the youth squads need to be strengthened: “It’s our objective to strengthen the youth teams, especially in the position of goalkeeper, which is a delicate position in Barça”. As for the two senior squad keepers, Busquets told us: “Victor Valdés has consolidated his position in goal and now is one of the best in the world. As for Jorquera, he’s also a good goalkeeper who, when he has to play, does so very well”.
Carles Busquets takes over temporarily from Unzué
Thinking of Barcelona
Juan Carlos Unzué admitted that while his body will be in Madrid his mind will be in Barcelona: “I’ll be watching everything that’s happening here”. However, he denied it was a bad moment to be taking a break: “It’s not the best time but neither is it a difficult one. I don’t have any doubt that the results away from home will come right. I hope it starts on Tuesday”.

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