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25.11.2007 15:15

First Barça goal for Milito

Berta Brau

Gaby Milito, who scored his first goal for Barça on Saturday, told reporters on Sunday: “We have to find answers to the problems”. However, he insisted that the players are “optimistic and enthusiastic”.

Milito spoke to reporters after Sunday morning’s training session and shared his feelings on scoring his first goal for Barça: “Scoring a goal is always important although it’s not exactly my job and I don’t usually score many. The truth is I’m very happy to have scored my first goal and especially as it helped us to win”.

First goal opens up the match

fcb-recre0708_x15x.jpgAsked about the change in Barça’s game after the opening goal, Milito told us: “Every game has its problems, though recently it’s been the same every time – a team that closes down at the back. The most difficult thing is to find the first goal. When we score the first goal, the match changes, it opens up, and that’s what happened and that’s what I believe will happen in the upcoming matches. The team is always organised, insistent and trying”.

“Class and goals”

fcb-recre0708_x16x.jpgBarça’s second goal was scored by rising star Bojan Krkic. According to Gaby Milito: “He’s a young man with great talent and a spectacular future. He’s got class and goals. Right now he has to be allowed to enjoy himself. Bojan has very good natural ability and also the team is trying to him help so we’re not surprised by him”.

Bojan scored almost immediately after coming on. Milito told us: “The truth he found himself in an open match as we had just scored. After the first goal the team grew in confidence and that helped him and the team”.

Winning mentality

Milito also referred to some of the more conflictive issues that have bothered the Club in recent weeks: “We talked about what we had to talk about and now it’s in the past. We’re optimistic. The players are committed and with a big desire to win titles”. Although he admitted that a number of improvements are necessary – especially winning away matches – he insisted that the players are happy with what they have done so far.

He insisted that there was no crisis within the team: “Everything that happens in football is of use, the good and the bad, and now we have two matches away from home in which we have to try and change things”.

The next European opponent

fcblyon2_x4x.jpgBarça travel to Lyon on Monday to face Olympique in the Champions League: “It’s a difficult team that can qualify and is in good form, unlike the team from the first matchday. We know it’s a dangerous team but we want to win to guarantee first place. It’ll be a hard-fought and attractive match as both teams have great players”.
First Barça goal for Milito

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Ronaldinho back in training
Ronaldinho is back in training after dropping out of the squad to play Recreativo at the last moment. Milito explained that the Brazilian would be available for the Olympique match: “He’s fine and ready, and he wants the best for the team, like all of us. He’s a hugely important player and I’m sure he’ll give us plenty to be happy about in the future”.

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