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17.11.2007 13:12

"We have to sort things out ourselves”

Marc Guillén

Edmílson is in the final stages of his recovery programme and joined Joan Laporta at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Manresa supporters club. He is convinced that the team will have to solve the problems it is going through "from within".

Midfielder José Edmílson has said that he is keen to get back to helping the first team and doing so without injury concerns, as he has been playing with pain since the end of last season.

“I am very happy because I thought my recovery was going to be longer and more difficult. I am glad that I can train without problems. No date has been set but I think I will be able to rejoin the group in thee or four weeks time. But we will have to wait and see because this is a long process” said Edmílson in Manresa.

Everybody is worried

“I think everybody is worried, that’s normal. A team as good as ours should not be playing so badly away from home”, said a very sincere Edmílson. He is convinced the team will get over its woes because “we are a winning group and we all want to make history”.

As Sylvinho has already said this week, Edmílson believes the group needs to find the solution ‘from within’ because “people outside don’t know what’s happening. We have to find the key, a tactical system, a way of playing … there are competent trainers and people among the squad who are able to work out what has happened to us. After this break, we have to be strong and the first away game will be in Lyon” reasoned Edmílson.
“We have to sort things out ourselves”

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