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15.11.2007 13:58

Sylvinho: “Dialogue and work”

Vanessa Forns

Sylvinho admitted on Thursday that the players have to improve, especially in away matches. However, he assured reporters that the squad is committed to “dialogue and work”.

Sylvinho is convinced the squad has the capacity to improve and stressed that all the players are working to this end: “All of us are working to improve the results. We’re finding it harder away from home. We’re looking for solutions and it’s not always easy. It’s obvious that we have to improve and I know we can. We want to get these points away from home – they’re important for our objectives”.

“I can’t see an attitude problem”

151107entreno.jpgHowever, Sylvinho strenuously denied that the players have an attitude problem and insisted that the unity amongst the players was essential: “I haven’t seen an attitude problem at any time. We’re playing a lot of matches, a lot of minutes, and the different competitions are merging into each other. In terms of attitude, I see that the players are doing everything they can”.

Competition for places

He was asked if results might improve if some of the regulars in the starting line-up were given a taste of the subs bench: “It’s difficult for players to get involved in that question. As a professional, I want to play. So do my team-mates. What we want is to improve and gain the confidence of the coach”.

“Ronaldinho is a key player”

Sylvinho was also asked to comment on his fellow countryman Ronaldinho: “Ronaldinho is used to playing under pressure. His life has always been like that, not only at Barça but also in Brazil. He’s a key player and carries a great weight on his shoulders and he copes with it very well”.
Sylvinho: “Dialogue and work”

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Competition with Abidal
Sylvinho is in direct competition with Abidal for the left back spot: “In this team there are brilliant, top quality players, and of course we all want to play. I train and work day by day to contribute and help FC Barcelona”.

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