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10.11.2007 23:12

“We tried to do it our way but didn’t succeed”

Roger Bogunyà

Frank Rijkaard was disappointed with tonight’s game in Getafe. The manager believes his team did “too little” in attack and thinks they have to look for “something different in order to get three points away from home”, seeing that “doing it our way

“We didn’t do enough in attack. We must look for another way to get points away from home.” This is the conclusion Frank Rijkaard came to following the defeat suffered on Saturday in Getafe (2-0). The Dutchman is gambling on a new approach to games away from home.

Tighter defence

According to Rijkaard, one of these changes will be a stronger defence. The Dutchman believes that it is necessary to look for “something which gives us more security” and points to possible “positional changes on the pitch” for some players.

Not imposing their game

The manager, who confessed to being “worried” about Getafe, thinks it’s a question of games away from home, where the team “tries to play its own game, but doesn’t quite succeed”.

For this reason it’s time to find a change which will improve the performance of the blaugranas away from the Nou Camp. The manager explained that “the image and style of the team has not been what we wanted”.

His responsibility

The manager has made it clear that finding a solution to this problem is his responsibility: “Our approach hasn’t been working lately so it’s up to me to find another one”. Furthermore, he didn’t want to talk about any individuals in particular or single out any one player, but referred to the team as a whole. “When we win, we all win and when we lose, we all lose”, he concluded.
“We tried to do it our way but didn’t succeed”
Messi, Milito and Ronaldinho off to South America
The three South American players head off tonight for the American continent. Messi and Milito will meet up with Getafe player ‘Pato’ Abbondanzieri on their way to Argentina, while Ronaldinho travels to Brazil. Therefore, these three players will not return to Barcelona with the rest of the team. On Sunday there will be a voluntary training session at 11.00 in the morning.

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